Australia Trip


  • 活動 Event:2017 澳洲自駕遊 Australia Self-Driving Trip 2017
  • 日期及時間 Date & Time:2017.6.22 – 2017.7.28

  • 內容 About:境外駕駛 Foreign Driving trip

  • 地點/路線 Location/Route:由澳洲墨爾本出發,隨即到塔斯曼尼亞,沿途遊覽澳洲中南部,最後由墨爾本乘搭航機回港。The trip will kick off at Melbourne, followed by cities in Tasmania, route via Alice Spring, the convoy will eventually arrive back at Melbourne.  

6.22-6.28塔斯曼尼亞德文港,倫瑟斯頓,荷伯特,皇后鎮;6.22-6.28 Devonport Tasmania, Launceston, Hobart, Queenstown;

6.29-7.28澳洲墨爾本,亞德雷德,愛麗斯泉,布里斯本,黃金海岸,悉尼,墈培拉。6.29-7.28 Melbourne, Adelaide, Ayers Rock, Alice Springs, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, Canberra.

  • 車輛運輸 Vehicle advance shipment:待定 TBC

  • 備註 Remarks:是次自駕遊路段對駕駛技術有一定要求亦存在風險,務請量力而為,所有參加者必須擁有一次或以上參加車會安排的自駕遊旅行經驗,並且要有副駕駛者隨團方可參加,副駕駛者資格要求與正駕駛者一樣。不論是否已經付款,車會幹事會將擁有是否接納參加者參團的最終決定權。This trip requires adequate driving skills, and consists of certain risks, please make reasonable self assessment before application. Foreign drive experience with Hong Kong Land Rover Club is a compulsory requirement, and so as a co-driver, such driver should also meet the above requirements. Hong Kong Land Rover Club reserves the right to reject applicants, paid, or otherwise, if it sees fit for safety concerns.

    在此提醒所需之身份證明文件/旅遊證件,國際駕駛執照,車輛登記文件,必須在全程維持有效。Please be reminded you must have possession of appropriate travel document(s), International driving license(s), vehicle registration document, and they should remain valid throughout the duration of the trip.
  • 收費,報名方法,報名接納程序只供會員傳閱。Fees, application details are restricted to members only.

    截止報名日期 Application deadline:已截止 Expired

  • 查詢 :  副會長Vice President KC Tam 9233-1016

責任聲明:各位自願參加今次活動者必須對可能發生的意外自己負全部責任, 香港越野路華四驅車會不會對任何可能發生的個人人身與其車輛所造成的任何損傷負上任何責任. 建議參加者自行向所屬保險公司查詢有關意外保險之承保範圍及購買適當保障之保險.

Disclaimer : All participants shall take full responsibility of all possible accidents involving person(s) or vehicle(s) during the event, Hong Kong Land Rover Club shall not be responsible in any circumstances. All participants are recommended to seek advice on appropriate insurance coverage, and to ensure effectiveness of such insurance policy accordingly.