車會簡介 Introduction

車會創立及宗旨 Club Goal

香港越野路華四驅車會(本會/車會)20069月創立。 本會乃一非牟利團體致力團結一群對越野路華四驅車有興趣的車迷及其親友交流經驗和汽車資訊透過不同活動來加深會員對四驅車的認識和了解增添駕駛四驅車的樂趣並從不同途徑認識更多海內外熱衷越野路華四驅車的朋友。駕車旅遊之外我們車會亦會主辦/協辦一些社會服務工作/項目, 回饋社群。

Hong Kong Land Rover Club was founded on September, 2006. We are a non-profit making organisation, aiming to bring together friends and family, and those who are interested in Land Rover off road vehicles, to share experience and information, to gain knowledge and promote such interest through varies of activities both locally and internationally.  Apart from foreign drive, we also host/assist in community services and charity events.



車會活動 Club Activities

本會的活動可分為三大範疇, 其為 :


3 Major Activities :

Local Drive, Foreign Drive, Community Services


越野訓練 Off-Road Training

為了提升會員駕車越野的技術和安全度, 在過往幾年-2014, 15 16年復活節前後車會曾組織車隊到廣州南昆山路虎體驗中心参與越野課程和活動。此課程得會員很高評價。

From year 2014 to 2016, off-road training were conducted at the Approved Land Rover Experience Centre in Nankunshan, Guangzhou, China. It was aimed to improve members’ off-road driving skills and to enhance safety. Positive feed backs were well received.


本地自駕遊 Local Drive

有關本地自駕遊, 車會每月都會舉行兩次晨早駕車樂, 分别在兩個星期日早上, 其目的為可讓會員見見面, 交流駕駛越野路華四驅車心得, 會員又可帶同家人, 到郊外走走, 享受駕駛樂趣和鄉郊環境, 忙裏偷閒叙天倫。車會間中亦會安排在星期六黃昏舉行自駕遊。 過去幾年, 本會車隊已走遍港九新界各郊區路線。 此項活動, 參加的會員非常踴躍。

Local Drive is organised twice monthly normally on a Sunday morning, it provides opportunity for members to share experience, maintain friendship with members, family and friends, in a relax outdoor space, occasionally it may be organised on a Saturday evening. Routes including Hong Kong Island, Kowloon, and the New Territories, it is a very popular event amongst members.

境外自駕遊 Foreign Drive

至於境外自駕遊, 車會每年都會籌辦一至兩次到香港以外的地區作長途自駕遊。 車會成立初年, 因地利關係, 都是到國内去作長途自駕遊, 車隊穿州過省, 走遍國內大江南北, 曾到過的省/地區包括粵、桂、川、滇、疆、青、藏、甘、陝、晉、豫、鄂、湘、贛、瓊、吉、黑、遼、魯、滬、蘇、內蒙等。 到國內自駕遊的樂趣是可看看名山大川, 如畫風光, 亦可探訪少數民族, 親歷不同生活習慣和文化。

Foreign Drive outside of Hong Kong is organised once or twice a year. Early years, due to Hong Kong’s convenient location, routing was planed within the main land China.

環球三萬里 2013 Round The World 2013

經幾年遠遊, 車會會員已掌握到長途駕車的能耐, 組織和策劃能力, 故燃起更高的渴望和希冀, 可到其它國家去, 嘗試在不同地域和行程中駕車, 更可近距離體會不同民族的生活文化。 見機於2013,為越野路華Defender車系生產65周年誌慶, 車會為此特地計劃及籌辦一項長途自駕遊, 名為「環球三萬里 2013 (Round The World 2013)

最初計劃從香港駕車到英國, 其後修訂及擴展至環球行。 在20136, 車隊從香港出發, 經中國、哈薩克斯坦、俄羅斯、白俄, 到達歐洲波蘭、捷克、德國、荷蘭、比利時、法國等國家。 從法國駕車乘坐歐洲之星火車到英國, 再駕車直達位於 Solihull的越野路華總廠參觀及慶祝。 然後, 車隊從英國乘船到法國, 南駛到西班牙, 乘渡輪去北非摩洛哥, 回程到葡萄牙。 而隊中兩台車, 就依原定計劃船運到北美加拿大, 由東岸哈利法斯去到西岸温哥華, 再船運回到中國, 從天津、北京, 經上海駛回香港, 完成環繞地球一周的壯舉。 (備註: 有關這次行程細節, 請参閱本會網頁專題環球三萬里 2013。 另外, 車會亦為這旅程出版了一本書冊縱橫天下環球三萬里, 各書局有售。)

With experience gained over the years, the club was ready to plan and execute some more desired routes, crossing other countries and reaching beyond our boundaries, to drive in different territories and to see different cultures. In year 2013, it was the Land Rover 65th anniversary, the club convoy completed a Round The World 2013 trip.

It was originally planned to drive to the United Kingdom, then later, it was amended to be a round the world trip. The convoy left Hong Kong in June, 2013, driving through China, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Poland, Czech Republic, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, France etc, crossing the channel on Euro Star train arriving the UK, drove to Solihull, where Land Rover headquarter is, and a factory tour and a celebration just went without saying.

珠穆朗瑪、滇藏行 2014 Chomolungma, Tibet 2014

201410, 車會籌辦了一項旅程, 雖是國內路線, 卻是車手夢寐以求, 極具挑戰性和艱辛的行程, 就是滇藏青線從香港駕車經粵桂滇到西藏首府拉薩, 再上珠峯大本營, 回程經後藏、青海高原、祁連山八一冰川、甘南及川北等顛簸路段,駛回香港。這次行程所經地域很多是高原, 或苦寒雪地, 讓車手和車輛都受到極度考驗, 可幸全隊平安歸來。

Although it was in main land China, but the Yunnan route is a dream for many drivers. It is a challenging route that was planned in October, 2014. Our convoy started from Hong Kong, via Guangdong, Guangxi, Lhasa, reaching the Chomolungma base camp, returning via Xigaze, Qinghai Plateau, Qilian Eighty-One Glacier, Gannan, Kawakita, finally back to Hong Kong. This trip involves long term driving at high altittude, rough road condition and low temperature. The team were well tested, and grateful for a safe return.

冬北冰雪/東南亞 2015 Harbin/South East Asia 2015

緊接着為2015年初車會到東北鏡泊湖的行程, 車手經歷在雪地駕車, 及初嘗在結冰的湖面上滑行和衝雪, 旣新鮮又刺激。 在2015年聖誕節期間, 車會籌辦了東南亞自駕遊行程, 從香港出發, 駕車經國內, 越南、柬埔寨, 泰國等。

At the beginning of year 2015, the club convoy completed a trip to Harbin, in north eastern China, drivers and vehicles were tested under difficult weather condition associated with ice, snow and extreme low temperature, the highlight was the drifting on the famous frozen lake called Jingpohu. During Christmas later that year, a South East Asia trip was planned, routing via China, Vietnam, Cambodia, finishing in Thailand.

南美探秘 2016 South America Adventure 2016

另一項長途和艱辛, 但樂趣無窮的行程在20163月起步, 那是南美洲線。 經預先策劃安排, 車隊九台車經船運, 2月底運到南美洲蘇里南。 3月初, 車隊從蘇里南帕拉馬博拉出發, 經法屬圭亞那, 巴西北部亞瑪遜河流區域和雨林, 秘魯天空之城馬丘比丘, 玻利維亞天空之鏡, 阿根庭伊瓜蘇瀑布, 巴西聖保羅、里約熱內盧等, 35天行程。 南美洲的雨林路段, 世界級景點, 都是車手和浪人夢想之旅。

Another long and difficult, but fun adventure was started in March, 2016, the South America Adventure. With plenty of prior planning, the convoy of 9 vehicles were shipped by sea, and arrived Suriname at the end of February. Early March, convoy began at Paramaribo, Suriname, through French Guyana, Brazil Amazon Jungle, Peru Machu Picchu, Bolivia…

社會服務/慈善活動 Community Services/Charity Events

過往幾年, 車會每年都有主辦或協辦一些社活動, 招待的人士包括護老院的長者, 及一些來自清貪/寄養/單親家庭的兒童。項目內容主要為長者及兒童們安排一些户外活動, 車隊載他們到郊外走走, 另外, 為他們安排一些集體遊戲節目等。 曾舆車會合作籌辦這些善活動的机構計有淺水灣獅子會明愛天水圍家庭服務中心, 庭恩兒童基金香港紅十字會警察汽車會, 聯合國教科文組織香港分會, 扶輪社香港等。

Each year, our club host and support varies community services, serving and caring the elderly, the poor, single parent family and children. We organised outdoor activities, tour with our convoy, games etc. Repulse Bay Lion Club, CaritasTin Shui Wai Family Services Centre, Benji’s Centre, Hong Kong Red Cross, Hong Kong Police Motoring Club, UNESCO Hong Kong, Rotary Club of Hong Kong etc, have been our partners for many charity events.


(Photographs for driving events and community services are available on relevant pages within this web site)

(Updated 08-2017)